It’s Illegal for Motorcycle Club Members to Own Guns? That’s What Authorities Say

Bikers and guns. Really, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Most bikers and motorcycle club members are rugged individualists that believe in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and the concept of self-defense. Not crazy revolutionaries. But die hard Americans, many of them veterans, that believe in the core principles of the Bill of Rights. Continue reading

Police Have Declared War On Motorcycle Clubs: Is Another Biker Massacre Imminent?

The probability of a large scale biker massacre increases every time law enforcement polices the motorcycle community as if law enforcement is at war with motorcycle clubs.  The increasingly militarized policing of the motorcycle club community is completely destroying the relationship between law enforcement and the citizens of the society that they are sworn to protect and serve. Continue reading

Virginia Police State: No Motorcycle Club is Safe.

On July 24 the Virginia State Police conducted an unconstitutional and over-militarized search and seizure of the Wicked Few Charity Brotherhood in Virginia. According to NBC News, “families watched armored vehicles move into position Friday evening, investigators from Virginia State Police executed a search warrant inside a motorcycle clubhouse, leaving residents with few clues as to the goal or intent of the sweeping search.” (NBC News, July 24, 2015) Continue reading

How Waco Is Being Used To Decimate The 1st Amendment

Law enforcement policies driven by a generalized presupposition about hundreds of thousands of motorcycle club members based on the actions of a few is both intellectually bankrupt and blatantly unconstitutional. Unfortunately, many media outlets and some law enforcement are using the tragedy in Waco to condemn an entire class of people (motorcyclists and motorcycle club members)  based on appearance, not conduct.  Over-generalized policies based on the idea that Waco proves club members are violent is an attack on the 1st Amendment and a threat to everyone’s freedom. Continue reading

The LIE That Caused 177 Arrests in Waco

Within hours of the tragedy in Waco law enforcement incorrectly reported that the gathering at Twin Peaks was a gang meeting intended to discuss issues over recruitment and turf.  This is simply not the truth. At best it is false statement based on sloppy and irresponsible conjecture and research. At worst, it is a lie that was used to justify arresting 177 bikers, charging them with participating in organized crime, and giving them each $1 million dollar bonds.

Continue reading