Police Have Declared War On Motorcycle Clubs: Is Another Biker Massacre Imminent?

The probability of a large scale biker massacre increases every time law enforcement polices the motorcycle community as if law enforcement is at war with motorcycle clubs.  The increasingly militarized policing of the motorcycle club community is completely destroying the relationship between law enforcement and the citizens of the society that they are sworn to protect and serve.

Everything from the rhetoric of law enforcement to the use of military grade equipment and weaponry suggests that law enforcement views themselves in an imaginary war. Imaginary in the sense that the war is absurd and one-sided. Motorcycle clubs are not stupid or psychotic enough to declare war on law enforcement. Regardless of reality, this illusion can too easily spark violent tragedies triggered by excessive force.

Logically, the mindset involved in militarization is completely different than the mindset involved in community policing in a free society. This is why we have the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which creates a barrier between military forces and domestic policing. It is only a matter of time before this mindset driving the goals and tactics of over-militarized police units results in more large-scale tragedy.

Military training and weaponry is designed to win wars. The way wars are won involves killing the enemy and containing any potential threat through the use of overwhelming firepower. There is no room for the enemy to enjoy Constitutional rights when at war. The goals and tactics of militarized forces at war are very different than the goals and tactics of domestic policing in a free society constrained by Constitutional rights of citizens that are not considered enemies.

These realities are substantiated in the ACLU’s recent report on police militarization, “War Comes Home.”

“The images on the news of police wearing helmets and masks, toting assault rifles, and riding in mine-resistant armored vehicles are not isolated incidents—they represent a nationwide trend of police militarization. Federal programs providing surplus military equipment, along with departments’ own purchases, have outfitted officers with firepower that is often far beyond what is necessary for their jobs as protectors of their communities. Sending a heavily armed team of officers to perform “normal” police work can dangerously escalate situations that need never have involved violence.

 “The change in equipment is too often paralleled by a corresponding change in attitude whereby police conceive of themselves as “at war” with communities rather than as public servants concerned with keeping their communities safe…We should not be able to mistake our officers for soldiers.

Of particular concern is the irrefutable fact that Post-Waco profiling is escalating out of control and police are embracing overwhelming militarized forces as their primary policing tactic. An incredibly timely example of military style equipment and tactics being used against motorcycle clubs, American citizens, was carried out by a heavily militarized multi-agency force in Pocatello, Idaho this past weekend.*

Based on publicly unsubstantiated information subjected to zero scrutiny, a heavily militarized multi-agency force blockaded and harassed, with overwhelming force, hundreds of motorcycle club members and independents at an annual POW/MIA event.

There were no arrests and there had NEVER been a problem in the events long history, including the clubs present this year. Event organizers confirmed that there had never been a single problem with any of the clubs in the past, including the stereotyped and overly scrutinized 1% clubs, and they had an open line of communication with them.

But law enforcement, in their own words, “lit them up” anyway, blockading all patrons inside, cordoning them off with military style equipment and weaponry. There was no attempt to conduct rational community policing or communicate. This is true even though event coordinators made it perfectly clear that there has always been an open line of communication with the clubs present.  The police explicitly admit that their mindset was a militarized show of force to prevent a fictitious problem before it occurred, regardless of the undisputed history of peace and communication with clubs.

The use of militarized police to control the citizenry is irrefutable proof that we are moving towards a police state. How far will citizens allow this to go before they unite and use the democratic process to prevent totalitarian police tactics and the use of military style vehicles and weapons designed for war and not community policing?  Hopefully it will not take more death, tragedy, and massacre.

Waco was used to justify the operation, despite the fact that there was no connection to the isolated events in Waco, and despite the fact that events may, in the end, be confirmed as massive militarized show of force that ended up exploding into mass death and injury.

The Motorcycle Profiling Project is dedicated to promoting unity among all motorcycling organizations and clubs for the purpose of using our manpower in the democratic system to reverse this trend of militarized policing against marginalized communities and grassroots political factions. The Motorcycle Profiling Project can provide hands-on assistance mobilizing your community in order to pass meaningful and effective legislative solutions to combat motorcycle profiling, including militarized policing.

Anyone familiar with the Motorcycle Profiling Project knows we do not engage in conspiracy theories.  Unfortunately, the increasing militarization of American law enforcement is not a theory, it is fact. It’s imperative that currently unaffected Americans watching these events from the comfort of their living rooms wake up before the slippery slope reaches them. By then it will be too late and we will live in a totalitarian police state ruled through force and fear.

Silence is consent.

David “Double D” Devereaux is the Spokesperson for the Washington State Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders,  The Motorcycle Profiling Project, and also works with the Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders at the national level. Contact: doubled@motorcycleprofilingproject.com, motorcycleprofilingproject.com)

13 thoughts on “Police Have Declared War On Motorcycle Clubs: Is Another Biker Massacre Imminent?

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  2. I for one won’t wait for the slippery slope. Being profiled and harassed because I choose to wear a patch and ride a motorcycle won’t be tolerated. I am a American business man that pays more than my fair share of taxes. I for one will stand with anyone who will help promote the anti profiling bills. This is my home and country too.


  3. Perhaps use of donated military equipment, weapons, and vehicles, even bybnominally local or state police, is as a matter of law merely a thinly veiled effort to circumvent the Posse Comitatus Act.


  4. I was in Idaho last weekend and saw the whole thing unfold I was thinking to myself and said to my brothers I wonder if this is what the people who were murderd by the Waco police felt like they surrounded the camp grounds like Isis would at that point it was getting dark the Idaho special forces in there armed bearcat were preparing for an invasion on citizens of the United States of America I felt my life was in danger of false imprisonment or death if anything happen even if I was not involed it felt like a concentration camp I was waiting for the wire to go up I was thinking if they do what they did in Waco I could loose my life or be arrested and loose my way of life do to some da in Idaho who’s life is how he or she thinks we should live I pay taxes state and fed and I work I ride I am in a club I have the right to liberity and the pursuit of happiness and most important ” LIFE “


  5. Next time you see them posturing, ask them if they ever actually went out on an up armored vehicle down the streets of Fallujah or Ramadi? Ask them if they know the difference between a free country and a War Zone?


  6. In 1970 the U.S. government enacted the Rico Act. Originally created to allow police and the law enforcement to arrest anyone in a group on the suspicion of guilt by association. Used primarily against organized crime it has also been employed against bikers. It gives police what they assume is the right to use whatever method necessary to arrest bikers without just cause. Quite unconstitutional.


  7. I have been a hangar under in and around my city for aprox. 21yrs. I’ve been to so many benefits and fund raisers it would bore you if I mentioned all of them, not all bikers are bad, (not even close) I’m proud to be associated with the clubs that I know, ……….
    I think our worst problem as bikers is POLICE and MEDIA,
    they seem to somehow make the many,many good people
    that ride look like they are just out for a good time of causing trouble! !!!!!!


  8. Many police have developed what they call “a warrior mindset”. They do actually believe themselves to be in a war of some sort, and obviously, they’re massively equipped for war nowdays. Think back to the initial days of the Ferguson / Mike Brown mess. Remember the pictures of the police sniper on top of an armoured vehicle? He was all dressed up in as much military gear and they could buy. Well, also think about the backlash against police for using such displays of force against the black community? The cops were fored to markedly back off from the military stance. That ain’t “tin foil hat” stuff, that’s actually what happened, and the ramifications of that continue today. Police have been hugely criticized for how they treat blacks.

    Well, what fun is all that military gear and training and attitude if you have no enemy to fight? Blacks and Latinos aren’t politically correct for the cops to intimidate. But what about bikers? Hell, nobody likes bikers anyhow, and they’re all just violent brutes (sarcasm), so bikers make a perfect punching bag for overly militarized cops.


  9. The 1033 Program or simply the issue of military grade equipment to the local police forces has helped drive the “warrior cop” mentality.

    As a US Army infantry veteran of 21 years and two tours in Iraq, I can tell you that a lot or responsibility and training comes along with that military equipment. Training the local cops don’t get. We spend countless hours and millions of dollars training and perfecting our warrior skills to make sure we get it right.

    We are also trained to treat people with dignity and respect regardless of the situation, the complete opposite of what I see on the Homefront. Just look at what happen in Waco. 177 detained!! I can guarantee there was never a 177 Afgans or Iraqis detained at one time and held for their association and no probable cause.

    A “Perceived” threat is not good enough in combat to whack someone and it sure as heck shouldn’t be good enough in the US. But that is the golden term they use to justify a shooting.

    Over in Iraq We treated citizens who were most likely insurgents better than we do motorcycle clubs.

    Lastly, We had a rights rally in Daytona in 2015 during Bike Week and the police blocked the road and denied us access to Main St because they didn’t want to tarnish their events reputation.

    So I ask, if Daytona Beach PD can block a pack of 200 bikers from rolling down Main St and exercising their right to peaceably assemble during an event, why couldn’t the Waco PD stop a group of motorcyclist from going into Waco?

    We must be proactive not reactive.

    Great article. Keep it up!!


  10. We had a club meeting and a bbq as we have had the last three years .the Paso Robles police del. Requested and received 3 to 5 officers from every city in the county no less than 40 extra to come and protect there police department the blocked off the street all the way around it had armored cars gang task force ,A T F agents FBI in the paper they said in light of Waco ,we didn’t, don’t have anything to do with Waco ,we’ve never had a problem that I’m awhere of. We rented a building to have are meeting ,went to a bar in the country to drink beer and now,and had at least 3 designated drivers cleaned up our mess when finished had one brother got pulled over none last year and 2 the first year…..what’s up with that ….a lot of wasted money for overtime …..I wonder who was watching the city that night ,they have a vivid imagination. And watching to much tv .A town Mike

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  11. I was there at Pocatello and the local Police had no cause what so ever to do what they did. They were just Flexing and Chest Puffing to show off their new toys, Trying to put fear into the families of those present. Most of the Bikers just stood and Laughed at their antics.

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