How Waco Is Being Used To Decimate The 1st Amendment

Law enforcement policies driven by a generalized presupposition about hundreds of thousands of motorcycle club members based on the actions of a few is both intellectually bankrupt and blatantly unconstitutional. Unfortunately, many media outlets and some law enforcement are using the tragedy in Waco to condemn an entire class of people (motorcyclists and motorcycle club members)  based on appearance, not conduct.  Over-generalized policies based on the idea that Waco proves club members are violent is an attack on the 1st Amendment and a threat to everyone’s freedom. Continue reading

The LIE That Caused 177 Arrests in Waco

Within hours of the tragedy in Waco law enforcement incorrectly reported that the gathering at Twin Peaks was a gang meeting intended to discuss issues over recruitment and turf.  This is simply not the truth. At best it is false statement based on sloppy and irresponsible conjecture and research. At worst, it is a lie that was used to justify arresting 177 bikers, charging them with participating in organized crime, and giving them each $1 million dollar bonds.

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Why All Americans Should Be Concerned About Waco

“This is an issue that impacts core constitutional principles and the viability of the criminal justice system.”

To individuals unfamiliar with motorcycle clubs,

As a dedicated motorcycle rights advocate, I would like to take the time to write to individuals that know little or nothing about motorcycle clubs and have a conversation about how motorcycle clubs are being generally mischaracterized after the recent tragedy in Waco, Texas. The vast majority of the information circulating comes from those unfamiliar with the culture and is based on sensationalized and inaccurate media reporting. The tragedy is being used by many media and law enforcement sources as a justification for broader-based discrimination against all motorcycle clubs, regardless of the well established 1st Amendment freedoms of association and expression. This is not just a motorcycle club issue. This is an issue that impacts core constitutional principles and the viability of the criminal justice system. Continue reading