Political Unification – The Key To The Survival Of Motorcycle Clubs

If there was ever a doubt about the necessity for motorcycle clubs to unite for the common purpose of fighting profiling and discrimination, that doubt no longer exists. The culmination of numerous events has placed the motorcycle club community at the crossroads. 

Choosing the wrong path creates the very real possibility that we will not Save The Patch, we will not successfully overcome the stigma from Waco, we will not successfully pass laws combating profiling and discrimination, and the culture of motorcycle clubs as we now know it will, for all intents and purposes, disappear.

Choosing the other path, the path of unifying the motorcycle club world for the purpose of securing our mutual right to exist free from discrimination, is the best chance the club community has of surviving and protecting the freedoms engrained in the Constitution.

The choice is simple. The Motorcycle Profiling Project embraces the path of survival and promotes the unification of the motorcycle club and motorcycle rights community based on the idea that rights of expression and association in a free society must be protected in order for a truly democratic society to exist.

Let us all choose the right path.

David “Double D” Devereaux*

*David Devereaux is the Chair and Spokesperson of the Washington State Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders,  The Motorcycle Profiling Project, and also works with the Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders at the national level.

Contact: doubled@motorcycleprofilingproject.com, motorcycleprofilingproject.com)

3 thoughts on “Political Unification – The Key To The Survival Of Motorcycle Clubs

  1. I’m from England,not a club member,though i may or may not have friends on both sides,i’m not going to diversify you all know what i mean (bikers will anyway) i get on with all i ride a motorcycle because i want to & i can,but wholeheartedly agree we need to stand together & fight legitimately the common foe,which is those in power.


  2. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”
    -Robert Frost

    Motorcyclists across the U.S. working in unity towards progress for all is the answer. Thank you for your contributions to this effort. We fully expect our Oklahoma anti-profiling legislation to pass in the 2016 session. We must still continue to stand up together in unity for the rights we were granted in the Constitution. If one state loses ground on Constitutional rights, we all do.


    • Well stated. And I have high hopes for 2016. I spoke with numerous individuals in Oklahoma at NCOM in Denver this year. We are preparing a comprehensive legislative packet and full policy support for Oklahoma’s effort. I have also offered to come to OK and testify as a concerned advocate if and when legislation receives a public hearing.


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